TechCamp Kazakhstan Small Grants Program alumni presented nine Central Asian projects aimed at countering the spread of disinformation in the region

From November 2022 to October 2023, MediaNet International Centre for Journalism, with the support of the US Mission in Kazakhstan, the Bureau of the US Department of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) implemented the TechCamp Kazakhstan project. 

On April 14-16, 2023, Astana hosted a 3-day training in fact-checking tools, AI services, mobilography, media literacy, cybersecurity, SMM and crowdfunding for representatives of media, educational institutions and civil society from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The purpose of the event was to create a network of representatives of the private sector, civil society, media and influencers to implement projects to counter the spread of fake and manipulative information, propaganda and hate speech in Central Asia. 

On November 1, 2023, the closing meeting of TechCamp Kazakhstan was held in Almaty, within the framework of which graduates of the program who have completed training and received grants from partners presented the results of their projects:

  1. Fact-checking: Disinformation with Convincing Content

6-modular video course for teaching students to check information using mobile phones in Kazakh, Russian and English with the possibility of checking homework and issuing a certificate of completion of the course.


Author: Karlygash Mysayeva, Kazakhstan

Implementation period: August-September 2023 

Venue: online

Audience: 194 students

  1. Media Literacy and Counteraction to Disinformation

5 explainers in video format on the platform and 5 radio programs on Tajikistan National Radio on various topics for discussing media and computer science, including information wars, disinformation, propaganda, deepfakes, risks of using gadgets and AI. 

Authors: Shakhlo Akoborova and Safarbek Kabirov, Tajikistan

Implementation period: September 2023 

Venue: Radio and Internet

Audience: 88.6% of the population 

  1. The impact of the war in Ukraine on the lives of people in Central Asia

Four video reports with heroes from the regions of Kyrgyzstan affected by the war in Ukraine.



Authors: Elvira Sultanmurat kyzy and Asel Shamilova, Kyrgyzstan 

Implementation period: July-September 2023

Venue: regions of Kyrgyzstan

Audience: 2,300,000+ views

4. Development of Cybersecurity Skills of Women Journalists and Bloggers in Central Asia

Online trainings on the basics and tools for ensuring cybersecurity of women journalists and bloggers in Central Asia from leading experts in the field of cyber hygiene, personal data protection, technical cybersecurity skills, as well as legal assistance in cases of cyber attacks and leaks of personal information.

In addition, a Telegram platform was created for women and bloggers of Central Asia to provide further support, assistance and networking on cybersecurity.

Authors: Elira Turdubayeva, Kyrgyzstan, and Dilfuza Mirzakhmedova, Uzbekistan 

Dates: July-August 2023 

Venue: online 

Audience: 30 female journalists and bloggers from Central Asian countries

5. Critical Thinking School

One-day offline training on critical thinking for journalism students and young journalists with up to two years of experience. 

The school is aimed at developing practical skills of critical thinking and developing professional skills of young journalists.

Authors: Alyona Subbotina and Anastasia Yemtsova, Kazakhstan 

Implementation period: July 5, 2023

Venue: Astana, Kazakhstan 

Audience: 20 students and young journalists of Astana

6. Analysis of Russian Propaganda Narratives in Central Asian Countries

Four analytical materials on the influence of Russian propaganda in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian countries.





Author: Erlan Orozbayev, Kyrgyzstan

Implementation period: July-October 2023

Venue: online

Audience: 12,000+ views

7. Combating Disinformation in Social Networks

The Instagram page aimed at debunking fakes and educating the public to counter the spread of mis-/disinformation. 

At the moment, 32 videos on the topic are posted on the page. 

Link: ==

Authors: Sandugash Duissenova, Oleg Veliky and Nurgul Alina, Kazakhstan

Implementation period: July-September 2023

Venue: online

Audience: 90,000+ views

8. Increasing Fact-Checking Community Potential in Uzbekistan

Two-day webinars to increase the level of knowledge on fact-checking with the involvement of international experts, followed by mentoring and the creation of materials by participants. 

As a result, 16 fact-checking materials, 4 field fact-checks, 1 survey, 9 publications in the format of promise tracking and verifying officials’ statements. 


Authors: Dilfuza Mirzakhmedova, Uzbekistan

Implementation period: July-September 2023

Venue: online

Audience: 60 registrations for webinars, 8000+ views of materials

9. Content Adaptation for Social Networks for Audience Involvement 

Trainings on content creation for participants from Aktobe and Mangystau regions, including topics: mobilography, SMM, shooting, editing, basics of copywriting, advocacy and others.

Author: Askar Aktileu, Kazakhstan

Implementation period: July 2023

Venue: Aktobe, Aktau, Kazakhstan 

Audience: 50 participants

Please contact for more information: Alyona Koshkina